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    Community name: Caskie

    Historical name: Charles MacDonald

    Steam profile URL:

    Age: 21

    Place of residence: UK

    Do you have TeamSpeak3 and a working microphone?: Yes

    Why do you want to join the 17th?: Seeing as i have more free time i want to get back into competitive nw and 17th looks like it will provide me with the environment im looking for. A lot of ex 91st members have also joined and coming back to play with them would ensure that i find the game fun. I can bring top quality melee and seriousness to the reg and help the reg grow to be the best. I also want to experience how it is to be an enlisted member again as i have been a CO for a while and would like to enjoy the short time without having any responsibility in terms of doing admin stuff and keeping people in-line. I hope this satisfies your criteria and length for the question.

    Prior regimental experience: 17e, 91st, 92nd, 2ndCSG, 78th and 18e

    Do you accept the Code of Conduct?: Yes