Posts by Kafka

    Community name: Kafka

    Historical name: Robert Cooper

    Steam profile URL:

    Age: 23

    Place of residence: UK

    Do you have TeamSpeak3 and a working microphone? Yes and yes

    Which company are you applying for?(Grenadier/Centre): Gren

    Why do you want to join the 17th?: I first started playing NW back in 2013 and instantly fell in love with it. I was a member of several regiments through the years, but quit in 2017 after playing events week in week out. I am now looking to get back into the community and after some looking the 17th seem like a perfect fit, historical names, respected members in the community, etc.

    Prior regimental experience: 15th (Cenkris), 23rd (Primus), 13thSLI (Lewis), 3rdFG (Primus), 91st (Tav), 2ndCSG (Oxford), 3rd - 32e (Merfie/ Super), 5eHuss (My own). Possibly some more but those are the main ones that spring to mind.

    Do you accept the Code of Conduct?: Yes